The student dorm

The student dorm was opened in 1994 and is not built in the typically tower style. Instead, it consists of six houses with at most four floors. These houses are built around an inner courtyard with an underground car park. The rooms are organized in flats. The tenants of a flat share the kitchen with two to four people which. Kitchens are furnished with a kitchen sink, an oven and a fridge. The flat also has a balcony. The bathroom with shower and toilet is shared between two people. Tenants of an appartement have their own bathroom and small kitchen area.

Washing machines and dryers are available in the student dorm. In the summer there is a small pool as well as a volleyball field in the inner courtyard.







Rental charges

A normal room in a shared flat costs 222 € per month including warm water and heating costs. Not included is the electricity bill which is handled by the flat share directly and usually is between 15 € and 25 €. The rent for a single appartement is 277 € per month without electricity. For a parking space in the underground car park one pays 13 € additionally every month.

Since January 1st, 2013 every flat needs to pay the German broadcast tax (Rundfunkbeitrag, GEZ). You pay between 4.38 € and 17.50 € per month depending on how many people are living in your flat and are not exempt from the contribution.

The association

The studentdorm association


In the student dorms of the Studierendenwerk Aachen, there is a self-administration organized by the students. For that there is a non-profit association called "Wohnheim Halifaxstr./Ahornstr. e.V.". Every resident has the opportunity to take responsibility in the administration of the student dorm. This form of administration is on residents getting involved and contributing to dorm activities to connect with other students living in the dorm.

Offers and activities


Bar of the student dorm

Every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month

Cinema room

Can be rented

Grüne Hütte

Grills, tables, chairs etc.

Tool cellar

Working space and tool rental

The gym

Open during the day


Rental for prime costs

The Networking Group (NetzAG)


To use the Internet in Halifax you need to register at the NetzAG. For this, you need to come personally to our office hour on Thursday, or make an appointment with one of us by contacting Before you visit us to sign up, please read our terms of service (German original) as you will need to accept them with your signature. If you are using devices like a Fire-TV stick, a Google Home or similar devices, please also read this information.

High-Speed Internet

With up to 1 Gbps up- and downstream via cable.

Wifi everywhere

There is wifi with WPA2-Enterprise in the whole student dorm

Consultation hours

It's best to get in contact with the networking group (NetzAG) during the office hours on Thursdays between 8:00 pm - 8:30 pm in the house 4 network cellar (basement of Ahornstr. 73) or via email to .

Contact Us

For questions or important issues, get in touch with us.
Please remember that applications are only accepted by the STW via the application portal.

Dorm spokespeople

Housing committee

Office Hours: Every second Thursday (in even calendar weeks) from 18:30-19:00, in the study room in House 6

Networking group (NetzAG)

Office Hours: Every Thursday from 20:00-20:30, in the Netzwerkkeller (Basement in house 4)

Facility manager

Josef Spera